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10/21/2002 -City Parking Officials Announce Holiday Parking Discounts!

9/23/2002 - Website offers a little less than it claims to!

11/15/2001 - Parking Lifts Make First Appearance in San Francisco!

9/21/2000 - CalTrans Lots Fetch Triple the Rent!

9/19/2000 - Parking Shortfall Predicted for SoMa

7/31/2000 - Supervisors Pass Parking Lifts

7/26/2000 - Supervisors Back Parking Lifts

7/20/2000 - Vehicle Storage!

7/5/2000 - El Cerrito BART Driveway Parking

6/26/2000 - Supervisors accept Valet Parking in lieu of Independently Accessible stalls

6/25/2000 -Store your car offstreet during your vacation!

6/20/2000 - Innovative Monthly Parking Promotional

10/21/2002 - The S.F. Department of Parking and Traffic has again announced special parking programs for Holiday Shoppers, including discounts for carpoolers parking in public garages near Union Square, and FREE weekend parking at the Civic Center Garage with shuttle service to Union Square! Here is a MAP by Mr Parker showing the Shuttle. You can visit the City's Website for the details.

9/23/2002 - is a little less than it claims to be! This new website, which represents itself as a worldwide directory serving millions, is more accurately a piggybank scamming few. To learn why however you must read Professor Parker's latest Pointer, a crash course on "Event Parking"

11/15/2001 - Parking Lifts Make First Appearance in San Francisco! The first really visible installation and use of parking lifts has now arrived, to be viewed at the corner of 5th and Howard, in a lot operated by Allright Parking. These pictures say it all! (Click to enlarge!)

9/21/2000 - Tuesday, Sept 19, at Noon, at the CalTrans Headquarters in Oakland, a very large number of individual properties were leased at auction, by CalTrans, which owns them. For an amusing blow-by-blow on-the-scene description of the bidding process, consult the Marianne Costantinou story in this evening's SF Examiner. Among these properties are TEN significant under-freeway parking lots in the eastern SoMa area.

You can get a very clear sense of the damage by checking out our new Hot Spot Map of the CalTrans September Bid. All of these ten lots are currently rented out to private companies that then "operate" the lots, i.e. sell parking to individual daily and monthly customers. Total cars accommodated in these lots at present is approximately 2,900.

The bigs news is that the properties fetched lease-rates up to double and triple what they are today. The new lease terms begin on October 1. It is safe to say that there will be a significant parking rate increase in the SoMa area beginning Monday, October 2!

Hotlinks to the individual lots: CalTrans BT-16 (299 Howard) // CalTrans BT-19 (571 Howard) // CalTrans BT-4 (10 Stillman) // CalTrans BT-5 (101 Perry) //CalTrans FLA-04-SF-480-10 (278 Howard) // CalTrans FLA-04-SF-480-11 (200 Howard) // CalTrans FLA-04-SF-480-3 (576 Harrison) // CalTrans FLA-04-SF-480-5 (298 First St) // CalTrans FLA-04-SF-480-6 (237 First St) // CalTrans FLA-04-SF-480-7 (260 Beale)


9/19/2000 - According to a Dan Levy article in today's SF Chron , a new study by the Wilbur Smith Parking Consultancy reports that the South of Market area has a total of 23,640 off-street parking spaces, more than 85 percent of which are occupied on any given weekday, and predicts a shortfall of 4,000 or so in coming years.

ParkingQuest, on the other hand, has now counted over 34,000 stalls in this same South of Market area: these lots are all shown on our SOMA Map. Further study will resolve this discrepancy!

The Wilbur Smith report also notes that the 9,000 stalls at Candlestick could be used for commuter-shuttle parking, but neglects to mention the newly built 4,800 stalls at China Basin that are WALKING DISTANCE from the "" ground zero.

The facts that these stalls (Giants Lot A, Giants Lot B, Giants Lot C, and Giants Lot D/M) are used for Giants Parking on only EIGHT WEEKDAYS a year, and never fill up even on these days, is a well kept secret that commuters or politicians will finally notice, once the Giants win the Series and become conspicuously absent during their well-deserved Winter Hibernation.


7/31/2000 - The S.F. Board of Supervisors today voted to adopt the recommendation of their Transportation and Land Use Committee, reported here on 7/26/00, to allow developers of residential facilities to include parking stalls created by car-lifts to count toward their required total provision of onsite parking stalls. This is a very big event in the world of parking!


7/26/2000 - The S.F. Board of Supervisors' Transportation and Land Use Committee yesterday suggested "allowing" the use of car lifts in residential garages. This is already "allowed:" stacking cars in a parking lot or garage essentially doubles the parking capacity of the facility, and lifts are already in use where market factors (cost and inconvenience) will bear them, even in SF. Does anybody remember the Parking Tree on Union Street? What is newsworthy here is that in one way or the other this measure repesents a relaxation of the long-standing requirement of the Planning or the Zoning Code in SF, that one "independently accessible" parking space be built onsite for each residential unit built. It is not true that the car raised on the lift is independently accessible, since the car beneath it has to be moved in order to lower it to the parking slab. Thus this measure resembles the more-and-more popular relaxation of counting a garage's valet parking capacity as the actual capacity of the garage, on which we reported on 6/26/00.


7/20/2000 - Finally, ParkingQuest has located a storage facility for Cars, RV's, Boats, Buses, what-have-you! Everything from secure storage for your car while you're on vacation, to storage of oddshaped and oversized vehicles can be had at reasonable rates. Location is 20th & Illinois. Call Christo at Affordable Self Storage, 1-800-856-3688, and tell him ParkingQuest sent you!


7/5/2000 - With the closure of the Plaza Mall parking lot, an enterprising individual has seen fit to offer parking in his driveway! BART riders in El Cerrito can now rent parking M-F just two blocks from the station for $200 per month! Call 510-527-0762!


6/26/2000 - The Board of Supervisors by an overwhelming vote approved the development of Bryant Center, a huge seven-storey that will occupy an entire city block at 20th and Bryant. Among the provisions accepted by the Supervisors was the recommendation of the Zoning Administrator that the developer be allowed to meet the parking requirement by promising to hire valet parkers to pack cars into the building's smallish garage rather than actually building "independently accessible" stalls in the quantity needed. As real estate and construction costs get to be more expensive than service labor, parking will be getting expensiver and expensiver, and public transportation more and more attractive!


6/25/2000 - In response to several inquiries ParkingQuest can now recommend a venue for storing your car off-street during vacation or other extended absences. Drop us a line at with "Storage" as the subject.


6/20/2000 - CityPark announces an innovative Monthly Parking rate special at One Embarcadero South, located across from the PacBell Park at 88 King Street. If you (or your business) can find five others who need monthly parking, CityPark will give you a sixth monthly parking spot for free! Call 415-543-4623 for details.



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