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last rev. Jan 24, 2005

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ParkingQuest proudly celebrates our fourth birthday by announcing a large expansion of our parking information service, including Area Maps for several major San Francisco Neighborhoods:

CPMC California Campus
CPMC Pacific Campus
Davies Medical Center
Inner Mission
Kaiser Permanente
Mount Zion
Ninth and Irving
San Francisco State University
St Marys Medical Center
UC Medical Center
University of San Francisco
Upper Fillmore

Watch for this expanded neighborhood coverage soon! Of course we will continue providing up to date parking info for getting to the ball games at Pac Bell Park, and for the Symphony, Opera, and Ballet at Civic Center.

Brief History and Status Report

Since the beginning...

ParkingQuest has offered hi-line parking and event information for the great cultural venues of our fair City, namely, the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera, and San Francisco Ballet. Our Symphony and Opera Pages help you find not only your place to park but also your restaurant in the area! Confirm the contents of your concert program on our Opera, Symphony, and Ballet schedule pages and check to see whether both houses are open the night you are going: if our page lists your program in red, it's a double night, so that restaurant reservations are more difficult to get and parking is harder! And don't forget to click on the little magenta R's to see area restaurants and their menus!

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Our Directories of all parking facilities by the Name of the facility and by the Address of its entrance! We now list nearly 900 parking facilities within City Limits; and don't forget to have fun with our Rate Calculator, designed so that Parking Questors could learn latest parking rates at individual facilities, transient and monthly. And don't miss our Parker's Briefs, Parker's Pointers, and Parking Fantasy!


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Look soon for another new ParkingQuest service, "Parking by Destination." Choose where you're going from a comprehensive list of destinations (Hotels, Restaurants, Stores, Theaters) and we'll return you a Parking Map with your destination starred -- giving you the clearest possible picture of all nearby parking!

And then of course, our ongoing features, the Briefs of Mr Parker -- news items from the world of parking; and Parker's Pointers - - dedicated to matters of more perennial parking importance. Be sure to check out Mr Parker's latest parking fantasy. ParkingQuest appreciates the help it has received from the various facility operators and managers to keep the information "Accurate, Current, and Complete."

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