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"Parking Personals" FAQs

What is
"Parking Personals"
How does
"Parking Personals" work?

How do I use "Parking Personals"

When will
"Parking Personals" be available



What is "Parking Personals"?

"Parking Personals" is a bulletin board service run exclusively by ParkingQuest that is designed to bring together people with a personal parking space to rent and people looking for a rental space.

How Does "Parking Personals" work?

ParkingQuest will provide a Bulletin Board for rental of individual parking spaces in residential areas of the City. By using Parking Personals, homeowners will be able to negotiate arrangements discreetly, either over the phone or through e-mail, rather than just slapping a For Rent sign on their garage and seeing who shows up at the door. Rental details such as price and rental period are entirely in the hands of the parking space owner and prospective renter. ParkingQuest is merely the facilitator.

How to use "Parking Personals"

The "Parking Personals" page will provide a listing of parking spaces available for rent, complete with price, periods during which the space can be rented, and contact information. You will also find a "Submit" button that will allow you to post a rental parking space on the bulletin board.

When will "Parking Personals" be available?

The "Parking Personals" bulletin board will be online soon. If you would like to be notified when "Parking Personals" is available, please send email to

Be sure to include "Parking Personals" in the subject line or message.




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